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The 21-year-old Chicago natives deep hazel eyes and hard striking2014-08-04pics 22The 21-year-old Chicago... Study buddies Damien Wolfe and Andy Taylor2014-08-04pics 25Study buddies Damien Wolfe... Kody Knight is slackin on the job when hard-ass boss Max Carter2014-08-04pics 12Kody Knight is slackin on... Landon Conrad comes to Helix Studios to show Jessie Montgomery2014-08-04pics 20Landon Conrad comes to... The Helix Boys descended on the Phoenix Pride Festival2014-08-01pics 25The Helix Boys descended on... An honest and vulnerable look at the relationship2014-08-01pics 24An honest and vulnerable... Jock studs Evan Parker and Kody Knight2014-08-01pics 25Jock studs Evan Parker and... Caleb Reece makes his Helix debut2014-08-01pics 25Caleb Reece makes his Helix... Flirty photographer Kody Knight knows how to work all the angles2014-08-01pics 23Flirty photographer Kody... Boyfriends Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder2014-08-01pics 25Boyfriends Lukas Grande and... Liam Riley has been indulging his flirty mystic-temptress side to try and find true love.2014-08-01pics 24Liam Riley has been... Max Carter reminisces about the time he got to live out his ultimate fantasy2014-08-01pics 22Max Carter reminisces about... Liam Riley and Evan Parker are having an adorable afternoon enjoying a picnic2014-07-31pics 25Liam Riley and Evan Parker... The thought of hot jock Connor Maguire2014-07-31pics 25The thought of hot jock... Alex Greene is up early making himself coffee when Ryker Madison2014-07-31pics 22Alex Greene is up early... Phoenix Pride proved to be one hot coming out party for new model Kody Knight.2014-07-31pics 25Phoenix Pride proved to be... Rise and shine with smooth college boys Andy Taylor and Lucas Owens2014-07-31pics 25Rise and shine with smooth... Secrets are only safe when you dont tell anyone.2014-07-31pics 21Secrets are only safe when... Liam Riley hits the showers to wash up for the evening2014-07-31pics 25Liam Riley hits the showers... Sweethearts Mitch Hudson and Lucas Owens2014-07-31pics 25Sweethearts Mitch Hudson... Dustin Gold forgot to bring a towel to Ryker Madison2014-07-27pics 25Dustin Gold forgot to bring... Alex Greene loves the pain, gain and euphoric rush of hitting the gym.2014-07-27pics 25Alex Greene loves the pain,... Ryker Madison and Sage Porter2014-07-27pics 25Ryker Madison and Sage Porter Max Carter celebrates his return to Helix Studios2014-07-27pics 24Max Carter celebrates his... With all the models shacked up at the Helix Mansion2014-07-27pics 22With all the models shacked... The Helix Real Cam takes you inside the love life2014-07-27pics 24The Helix Real Cam takes... Jacob Dixon likes to test the boundaries of all the new Helix Boys2014-07-26pics 24Jacob Dixon likes to test... Andy Taylor introduces new 19-year-old model Dustin Gold2014-07-26pics 25Andy Taylor introduces new... No one delivers the goods like your Helix Studios Hot Shots.2014-07-26pics 25No one delivers the goods... Waking up can be the worst part of the day so Sasha Peterson2014-07-26pics 25Waking up can be the worst... The big city becomes a fishbowl in this surprising conclusion to a city boys' love story.2014-05-13pics 12The big city becomes a... It's spring time and Dylan Hall is already feeling the heat.2014-05-13pics 14It's spring time and... Evan wants to get out of town for the weekend to clear his head2014-05-13pics 17Evan wants to get out of... Under the careful sexual guidance of Andy2014-05-12pics 25Under the careful sexual... The Helix Real Cam takes you inside the love life of sexy Southern boyfriends Zac & Scotty.2014-05-12pics 25The Helix Real Cam takes... Alex Greene is caught in a gym daze fantasizing over Andy Taylor's2014-05-12pics 20Alex Greene is caught in a...
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